Ecotricity's Nemesis electric supercar

Ecotricity's Nemesis breaks UK electric car land speed record

The Nemesis, an electric super car built by wind energy supplier Ecotricity, has set the UK electric car land speed record at 151 miles/hr, breaking the previous record of 138 miles/hr.

The Nemesis, an electric supercar built by UK electricity supplier Ecotricity, broke the UK electric car land speed record on Thursday. The Nemesis, based on a Lotus Exige chasis, driven by Nick Ponting at Elvington Airfield near York, has set the new UK electric car land speed record at 151 miles/hr, breaking the 137 miles/hr record from a couple years ago set with a car built by Sir Malcolm Campbell and driven by Don Wales.

The record was set at Elvington Airfield with the Motor Sport Association on hand to officially verify the record. The speed record is the average of two runs in opposite direction to account for wind differences. On the first pair of runs Nick Ponting broke the existing record, with a 148 miles/hr record, and in a second pair of runs he broke that record with a 151 miles/hr average.

The Nemesis was built on a Lotus Exige bought second hand on eBay. Ecotricity's spec sheet for the car says it has a 0-100 miles/hr time of 8.5 seconds, two 125 kW motors, giving 330bhp, and 600Nm of torque. The battery pack is 96 x 100 A/h 4.2 V pouch lithium polymer cobalt cells for 36 kilowatt hours of electrical capacity. Driving range is 100-150 miles depending on driving habits, and whether you can keep the car at a reasonable speed. It cost under £1 million pounds to build, and an 18 month build time.


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