Odyssey Battery BIGFOOT Monster Truck

BIGFOOT's electric Monster Truck crushing gas cars all weekend in Kansas City

Proving that electric vehicles don't have to be puny slow wimps, Team BIGFOOT have built an electrically powered BIGFOOT and will be giving car crushing demonstrations in Kansas City this weekend.

Monster truck shows are never about clean green transportation with no tailpipe emissions, right? Electric vehicles can only be slow boring ugly golf carts, right? Wrong, on both counts. Team BIGFOOT, however, has built an electric Monster Truck which the team showed last November. This weekend the all electric Odyssey Battery BIGFOOT Monster Truck will be giving car crushing demonstrations at the Autorama Car Show in Kansas City.

The battery powered BIGFOOT Monster Truck, a.k.a. BIGFOOT #20, was unveiled in early November in a St. Louis parking lot. During that demonstration driver Jim Kramer spent 20 minutes crushing donated junked cars without losing power. An onlooker said "I've been going to monster truck shows for years, and I've never actually heard the cars get crushed under the tires. This thing is just unreal!"


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