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A123 Systems announces cold/hot weather battery breakthrough amid financial woes

A123's new Nanophosphate EXT technology offers better performance in cold and hot weather, reduces the need for thermal management systems, and is a breath of good news following months of difficult times at A123 Systems.

Amid worries that A123 Systems might be unable to continue as a going concern, the company announced today a battery technology breakthrough, which the company calls Nanophosphate EXT, allowing batteries to "operate at extreme temperatures without requiring thermal management." The breakthrough would "significantly reduce or eliminate the need for heating or cooling systems," reducing complexity of products utilizing A123 cells, and improving the effective energy density of those products. By itself the breakthrough would enable electric vehicles to be usable in a wider range of temperature zones, and a few percentage points increase in effective energy density, but this comes at a time when the company desperately needs some good news to counter-act the bad news circling around A123.

"We believe Nanophosphate EXT is a game-changing breakthrough that overcomes one of the key limitations of lead acid, standard lithium ion and other advanced batteries. By delivering high power, energy and cycle life capabilities over a wider temperature range, we believe Nanophosphate EXT can reduce or even eliminate the need for costly thermal management systems, which we expect will dramatically enhance the business case for deploying A123's lithium ion battery solutions for a significant number of applications," said David Vieau, CEO of A123 Systems.


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