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Bentley's 2011 sales reach pre-recession levels

Luxury car manufacturer Bentley says 2011 was a very good year, reaching to pre-recession levels. Here is how Bentley did it.

Is the recession finally on its way out? If 2011 luxury car sales are any indication, then it just might be. Either that, or the rich have decided they’ve practised austerity long enough. Sales numbers are in for 2011 and Bentley Motors says demand for their cars is back to pre-recession levels.

Bentley Motors says that their global sales were up by 37% in 2011, for a total of 7,003 cars delivered. While the big manufacturers produce more cars than that in a day, their vehicles are also a fraction of the cost of a Bentley, so we’re talking serious sales here. In the United States, always Bentley’s best market, sales went up 32%. That represents 2,012 cars sold. Mainland China, a fairly new market for Bentley, had the second most Bentley sales, with 1,839 vehicles purchased. In fact they’d passed the previous year’s numbers in China before the end of July.

Europeans were buying too, accounting for 1,187 new Bentleys or a 53% increase. In Germany alone sales increased 88%. The British weren’t so keen on luxury cars, with sales increasing slightly over 5%, for a total of 1,031 cars. In fact, Bentley says all of their major markets saw sales increase in 2011. December was particularly good, with 1,059 cars being sold (69% more than last year), which they say is their best single month since the recession started and their second best month ever.


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