Mercedes-Benz reports Strong September Sales with C-Class & E-Class

Mercedes-Benz has reported strong September sales in the US. The German luxury automaker sold a total of 23,897 vehicles for September 2011, the best September on record for the company.

This is a 15% gain compared to September of 2010. Total vehicle sales for 2011 to date are 183,711 vehicles, compared to last year's 165,355 vehicles for the same time-frame. A 11% total gain in vehicle sales for Mercedes-Benz, is great news in a slumping economy.

The best selling Mercedes-Benz vehicle for the month of September was the C-Class. There were 6,865 C-Class vehicles sold, a 32% increase compared to 2010. The C-Class is important for the company because it attracts first-time and young buyers to the brand. When the new redesigned C-Class came out in 2007, it won many accolades and awards. The C-Class was awarded “Car of the Year” from Wheels Magazine in Australia and “Japan's Import Car of the Year” for 2007-2008. The most notable award was given out by Top Gear Magazine, which awarded the C-Class "Executive Car Of The Year” for the 2007 Top Gear Awards.

The E-Class, in its 9th generation, had sales of 5,122 for the month of September. The E-Class is Mercedes-Benz's flagship model as they are used in Taxis in Europe and older iterations are used as taxis around the world. The E-Class has been in continuous production going as far back as the 1950's.

Other Mercedes-Benz models like the GL-Class and CLS-Class posted improved numbers as well. The GL-Class, was third in volume with September sales of 2,541 vehicles. The brand new CLS-Class, a coupe based off the C-Class, had a 399.3% gain compared to September 2010. The SLK Roadster had an increase in numbers as well, gaining 50.8% for the month of September.


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