Hyundai set for Super Bowl marketing blitz

Hyundai is set for a marketing blitz during the Super Bowl. It is going to be airing a total of five game-day ads for the big game, which airs on February 5th.

Hyundai has an impressive lineup of new vehicles. It is clear with this marketing blitz they are attempting during the Super Bowl, they are definitely pushing to strengthen the brand's image and customers.

The five-ads slated to air on Super Bowl Sunday will include two pre-game spots, one in the highly rated pre-kick time slot and two ads slated for in-game air time.

“Cheetah,” a 30-second spot which will air in the first quarter of the game, will feature a caged cheetah pitted to race against the new and widely acclaimed 201-horsepower Hyundai Veloster Turbo. The car launches and the cage opens, but after racing against the Veloster, the big car realize winning is not possible. The cheetah then decides to take his frustration out on the handler.


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