ferrari at stanford

Ferrari brings passion and excitement to Stanford & Silicon Valley

Ferrari, long known to be innovative in the automotive world, decided to pay a visit to Silicon Valley and Stanford University, a hotbed of tech innovation, to show tech companies and students what they are about. Using passion to build amazing super cars!

The Prancing Horse has conquered the minds of gearheads everywhere for years with their innovation and Italian flare and passion for building supercars. The talk at Stanford University with Ferrari CEO, Lucia di Montezemolo, seems to indicate they also want to conquer the minds of potential tech fans too.

Montezemolo met Apple's CEO Tim Cook as well as the heads of Google, talking in front of more than 600 students from Stanford.

''I’m not here to sell cars, but to communicate a dream,” he said under the applause of the guests at the conference which was titled 'View from the top'.

The Ferrari Chairman encouraged the young students to follow their dreams and not break out of the box. ''Be creative, follow your goals, use technology, dominate innovation, but don’t become dependent on machines, you have to be in the driver’s seat of your lives. Never lose the curiosity for what is around you.”

In the world of technology and digital content the enthusiasm for the amazing supercars from Maranello, that feature avant-garde technology and the passion from those who build them, is enormous.

"Intelligence and innovative ideas can contribute to change and shape the future," Montezemolo concluded. “Passion and attention for the smallest details are what makes our cars, those who create them and those who drive them so special, living continuous excitement.”

Ferrari of course in recent years has put lots of electronics into their cars and made many advances with computer technology. The beauty of Ferrari's technology integration is that it doesn't take away from the pure joy you get when you drive a Ferrari.


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