Electric Renault Twizy launches in the UK, will it be a sales success? [Video]

Renault’s Twizy, a forward thinking new electric two-seater car, has begun it's official showroom launch all around dealerships in the United Kingdom (UK).

Renault Twizys, starting today, are now available to test drive at various dealerships all around the UK. Renault is putting it's focus for the Twizy primarily at dealers with larger suburban and urban populations. This is the car’s likely target market and driving usage. The rest of the brand’s official dealerships will have their demo and display vehicles by April 20th.

Renault claims the Twizy is “The World's Most Unique Production Vehicle.” They might be right as there are not many cars that look like a Twizy.

In keeping what the French automaker feels is a unique vehicle, they are launching a unique marketing campaign for the Twizy. The campaign features DJ David Guetta and his wife Cathy.

A new commercial entitled ‘Plug Into The Positive Energy’ has one of DJ Guetta's new songs “Alphabeat” playing set against a futuristic dance-club, ‘Party Station’, where the dance-floor generates the electricity to charge the Twizys parked underneath.

The ad is set to air on Britain's Got Talent tomorrow, and will be supported with online marketing efforts. There are two versions of the commercial, one is 30 seconds and the other is 60 seconds.

Pricing for the Twizy Urban model starts at £6,690 British Pounds which is equal to $10,700 US dollars. Renault leaves out an important component though, the battery!

You have to lease the battery from Renault which costs £45 ($72 dollars) a month. There is also an a VAT agreement for a 36 month/4,500 miles (7,240 kilometers).


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"where the dance-floor generates the electricity..." Not as Sci-Fi as you might think. Was Guetta/Renaultinspired by the Sustainable Dance Club whose idea is very similar and exists since 2006? Check this out: David Guetta inspired by SDC on Youtube. This video shows sequences of Guetta's new videoclip in comparison to a medley of promotion videos of SDC. Coincidence?