The Ram Brand sponsors the 2011 Kentucky Derby

In just over 24 hours, the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby will begin and when it does, Chrysler's Ram truck brand will be the title sponsor of the "Run for the Roses" for the second year in a row.

Few sports events around the world draw more attention than the legendary Kentucky Derby so from a marketing perspective, there aren’t many events that are bigger than this for reaching automotive customers…especially those who may need to tow something (like a horse). As the main sponsor of the 2011 Kentucky Derby, the bold Ram logo will appear everywhere at Churchill Downs, including on the backs of the track crew and on both legs of the jockeys competing in the million dollar horse race.

In addition to the jockeys wearing the Ram on their pants as well as other appearances around the grounds, there will be Ram brand vehicle displays showing off the features to the equestrian sport – a group which Chrysler states is one of the most common hobbies of today’s Ram owner. The 137th running of the Kentucky Derby will also feature the new Ram Backcountry VIP lounge for horse owners and jockeys which will provide the high profile attendees a chance to learn more about the Ram brand, while enjoying computer terminals, a library and a barista…offering the VIPs at the event a chance to kick back and relax in the presence of some awesome new trucks.


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