The new Porsche 918 hybrid supercar

Porsche launches the first prototype hybrid 918 test cars

The Porsche 918 will introduce the world to the German hybrid electric supercar later this year and the innovative sports car has just gotten a step closer to production as the Stuttgart based automaker has built and launched the initial test prototypes of the new 918.

The 2014 Porsche 918 will be unlike any supercar ever sold around the world with a 500 horsepower 4.0 liter turbocharged engine mated to a pair of electric motors that increase the total output to 770 horsepower. One of the electric motors is mounted on the front axle to drive the front wheels while the second electric drive motor is mounted in the driveline to power the rear wheels. Thanks to the ultra lightweight carbon fiber reinforced monocoque, this high tech drivetrain is expected to allow the Porsche 918 to dash from 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds on the way to hitting a top speed of 199 miles per hour.

More importantly (to some people) is the fact that the 2014 Porsche 918 will offer all-electric driving at speeds up to a stunning 94 miles per hour while also achieving somewhere in the range of 78.4 miles per gallon when driving the car more modestly. This fuel economy number is based on the European fuel economy cycle – actual US mileage could vary based on EPA results but 78mpg in Europe shows just how amazingly efficient the 918 could be when driven with fuel economy in mind.

"What we are doing with the 918 Spyder is redefining driving fun, efficiency and performance," said Wolfgang Hatz, Member of the Executive Board Research and Development of Porsche AG. "(The electrical motors) are therefore a critical component in this vehicle into which we have put all of our expertise and capacity for innovation."


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