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New rear wheel drive Cadillac super sedan coming in 2015

The Cadillac XTS has stormed onto the full size luxury car scene, doing a fine job of replacing both the STS and the DTS in terms of luxury and spaciousness but reports indicate that GM’s luxury line is planning a new full size, rear wheel drive flagship sedan that will take aim at the BMW 7 Series.

It is no secret that to truly compete in the luxury segment, you have to be able to compete with BMW and with the introduction of the new Cadillac ATS, General Motors has made great strides to do just that. The next generation Cadillac CTS is expected to grow a bit to take on the BMW 5 Series head to head while the new ATS will do battle with the top selling 3 Series. However, when it comes to a proper range-topping luxury car with tons of power and a rear wheel drive configuration – GM has no answer for the likes of the BMW 7 Series. However, Automotive News reported that the General is currently working on a new rear drive flagship sedan that will give them a chance to attract the same buyers who may look to purchase a new BMW 7 Series.


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