The 1000th Lamborghin Aventador

Lamborghini builds the 1000th Aventador in just 15 months

The Lamborghini Aventador hit a major milestone this week as the Italian automaker built the 1000th example of their newest supercar after just 15 months in production.

Lamborghini Aventador number 1,000 was finished in the gorgeous Argos Orange and is headed to Germany with new owner Bavarian architect and Lamborghini enthusiast Hans Scheldecker. When it reaches its new home, the 1,000th Aventador will share a garage with Scheldecker’s Lamborghini Diablo. Scheldecker received the keys to his new Aventador today directly from Lamborghini President and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann (the car, the new owner and the company CEO are shown in the image on the right).

While reaching 1,000 production unit is an impressive feat for any supercar with a price tag of $376,000 (MSRP), the most impressive portion of this achievement is the length of time in which the Lamborghini Aventador has hit this milestone production mark. The Aventador went on sale about 15 months ago, giving the company an average of roughly 66 Aventador coupes sold each month since then. This rate of 66 a month leads to roughly 792 a year which - with the 376k price tag – means that the Italian automaker is raking in roughly $297,792,000. Yeah, almost $300 million annually from a single model.and who said the economy has been bad?


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