The 2012 Jeep Liberty Jet Edition

Jeep Liberty production ends today

After more than 11 years of production in Ohio, the life of the Jeep Liberty as we currently know it ends today at the Toledo North Assembly Plant.

The Jeep Liberty was introduced in 2001 as a 2002 model year vehicle and over the last 11 years, the midsized sport utility vehicle has seen ups and downs although it has been one of the brand’s bestselling vehicles during its existence. During the first generation, Jeep sold just shy of 900,000 examples of the Liberty with the lowest year being the first year with just 88,485 units sold. Unfortunately, when the Chrysler Group rolled out the revised Liberty for the 2007 model year, sales slumped and the best year for the second generation of the Liberty was 2007 when 92,105 units were sold.

One of the key causes for the huge downturn in Jeep Liberty sales could have been the Dodge Nitro – which was little more than a rebadged version of the Liberty. While Nitro sales were never anywhere close to those seen by the Liberty, had the 74,000+ buyers who purchased a Nitro in 2007 had gone with the Liberty instead, the sales figures would have been much better during that first model year for the second generation Liberty. After 2007, sales figures decreased for both the Nitro and Liberty before the Nitro was killed off after the 2011 model year.


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