The 2012 Dodge Journey Lux

High performance Dodge Journey SRT6 in the works, perhaps with twin turbo power

There are lots of vehicles in the Chrysler Group portfolio that could comfortably join the high performance family of the Street and Racing Technology (SRT) brand but according to Automobile Magazine, the newest addition will be a surprising choice with the future introduction of the Dodge Journey SRT6.

When you look at the history of the SRT lineup, you see plenty of high performance cars, a pair of high performance trucks and a high performance sport ute but the Dodge Journey SRT6 seems like an unlikely addition to the storied SRT family. The Journey is expected to receive a refresh in the next few years which will usher in a new platform for the 5-door crossover and with that, Automobile is reporting that there will be a high performance variant packing V6 power. Nothing else is known about the Dodge Journey SRT6 but based on discussions I have had with some insiders over the past year – we can take a few guesses at what we can expect from the Journey SRT6.

First of all, we can expect (or at least hope) that the Dodge Journey SRT6 will come with standard all wheel drive and we know, based on the nomenclature, that the SRT Journey will pack a 6 cylinder engine. Based on the immense popularity of the Pentastar V6, we should expect there to be some variant of that motor but unlike the current Pentastar V6 that offers a max of 305 horsepower in the entry level Dodge Challenger – the Journey SRT6 will need to pack much more power but just how much power will it offer?


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I'm in, I currently own a 2011 crew and it is performing very well. It replaced my T&C with no regrets- the space if just right and the ride is much better that the van. Carpool , hauling stuff and long trips... it does it all. Love the Nav sys too. So I would be interested in investing in a high performance model as long as the MPG is decent. I average 25 to 27 mpg hwy on 87 octane and like it:)