The 2007 Buick Riviera Concept

GM trademarks "Riviera" - perhaps hinting to a new Buick coupe

General Motors has applied for a trademark through the US government for the name Riviera for use on automobiles, perhaps hinting at a future return of the Buick Riviera – bolstering the rumors that we could soon see a sporty new 2-door Buick.

Before getting into what it could mean for General Motors to be reserving the Riviera name, I should point out that in the automotive world, there are a great many names trademarked that never appear on a vehicle – be it production or concept. Companies frequently trademark names without any intention of every using them on a vehicle to preserve the historical value of the name by protecting it from use by other companies and in some cases, a name is trademarked is earmarked for a project that doesn’t see the light of day. In other words, GM may have trademarked the Riviera name “just because” and it could mean nothing.


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