Joel Ewanick with the Chevy Volt

GM Global Marketing Boss Ewanick resigns

General Motors announced yesterday that Global Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick had resigned after roughly a year and a half at the position – with little explanation or clarity as to why he left and whether or not it was truly a resignation.

The announcement from General Motors explaining that Global Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick had resigned stated very simply that he “has elected to resign immediately”. The short statement went on to talk about Ewanick’s time with General Motors, having joined the team in May of 2010 as the head of North American marketing before taking over the global position in December of 2010. The GM announcement also reminds us that Ewanick was the vice president of marketing and the chief marketing officer for Nissan North American after spending time with Hyundai as the vice president of marketing. The GM statement closes by explaining that Ewanick’s position will be filled on an interim basis by Alan Batey, who currently serves as the vice president of US Sales and Service. What the statement doesn’t explain is why Joel Ewanick left GM after just over 2 years with the company.


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