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GM and Chrysler ban Presidential campaign visits

General Motors and the Chrysler Group have both banned visits at any of their facilities by either of the Presidential hopefuls until after the election on November 6th in an effort to keep their company name from being involved in either of the campaign trails.

This means that between now and Tuesday, November 6th 2012 neither President Barack Hussein Obama nor former Massachusetts governor/current Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney are permitted to visit any of the Chrysler Group or General Motors facilities around the country as a leg of their campaign trail. We can assume that any independent Presidential hopefuls are also prohibited from visiting any GM or Chrysler plants as well – should one come into the public eye over the next few months. Even though both main players in the Presidential race would likely want to make a visit to any of various plants belonging to both General Motors and the Chrysler Group – it won’t happen.

There are a variety of reasons why this decision makes sense but in the case of both automakers – it starts at the consumer level as General Motors and the Chrysler Group both sell cars to consumers who could vote for any of the 2012 Presidential hopefuls. Should one of the automakers seemingly show preference to one candidate or another by having them visit a facility – it could turn off consumers to the brands under those corporate banners.


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