The Chrysler Group continues to power forward in May 2012

The Chrysler Group continued their incredible growth in May 2012 – once again standing as one of the strongest automakers in the US in terms of growth compared to the same month one year ago.

In May 2012, the Chrysler Group posted a year over year growth of 30%. This made them the third best company in the American auto industry in terms of growth rate and with 155,041 vehicles sold; the five brands of Chrysler combined for the fourth best total in the US in terms of sales volume. Chrysler was bested in growth only be Toyota and Honda who both saw massive gains compared to May 2011 but that wasn’t due to a spike in sales this year but instead, the two Japanese automakers had normal months this year after being pummeled by the natural disasters in Japan last spring.
Among automakers not directly hit by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, the Chrysler Group was the strongest auto company in the US once again for May. This marks Chrysler’s 26th consecutive month where the group has shown year over year gains – that is over two straight years where Chrysler has posted an improvement compared to the same month a year prior.


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