GM's infographic on performance car sales

Chevrolet claims to be the top performance brand in the US

General Motors issued a statement this morning proclaiming that Chevrolet is the top performance brand in the US and while some American gearheads might dispute that – the General provided a bit of information to back up that lofty claim with the help of the Camaro and the Corvette.

Chevrolet’s claim of being the top performance brand in the US begins with two basic segments – the Sports Car segment and the Luxury Sports Car segment – with Chevy’s representatives in those two groups being the mighty Camaro and Corvette. General Motors’ first angle of claiming that Chevrolet is the top performance brand is based on the sales figures for those two vehicles (which is near impossible to dispute) and the second factor was the result of some recent track testing in Virginia.

“With the addition of the Camaro ZL1, there are only a handful of brands in the world with two cars that can match the performance, technology, and excitement of Corvette and Camaro,” said General Motors North America President Mark Reuss. “Unlike many competitors’ performance cars, the Corvette ZR1 and Camaro ZL1 are appropriate for both daily drivers and track use from the factory – with standard coolers for brakes and drivetrain. (We) challenge any company to bring two cars to compete with the Corvette ZR1 and Camaro ZL1, dollar for dollar. They will discover what enthusiasts already know – that Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette are the world’s best performance cars for the money.”

That is some pretty serious smack talk from GM’s boss over a hotly contested segment in the United States but when you look at the evidence that the company has provided along with the claim of being the top performance brand in the country – they have a pretty strong case.


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