2017 challenger colors

2017 Dodge Challenger Charger Colors Beautifully Displayed

We already learned what colors the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger will wear when the 2017 model year vehicles arrive, but today FCA offered up a few cool graphics showing all of the available colors on the silhouette of each Mopar muscle car.

Last week, we detailed the key changes for the 2017 Dodge Challenger and the 2017 Dodge Charger, with the most significant news focusing on the 707 horsepower SRT Hellcat models. While the Challenger lineup benefits from the new T/A package and the Charger gets the new Daytona package, the key “changes” for the two muscle cars are found on the Hellcat models, in the form of the new, lightweight wheels, the new Hellcat head badges and the red-lit steering wheel center.

In addition to these few changes for the 2017 Challenger and Charger, we learned that the two high performance Dodge cars would share all of the available exterior colors. That list of colors was fine for those prospective buyers planning a 2017 model year purchase, but for those folks who were still on the fence until they saw the colors all spread out – your day has come.

"Our heritage-inspired paint names highlight how the Dodge brand attitude permeates through everything we do, even a simple detail like a color name," said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands, Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and Fiat – FCA North America. "For Dodge, the heritage-inspired names are more than just catchy ways to callout our paint – these names resonate with our customers, speaking to their personality, their car passion and their love of their Dodge."

2017 Dodge Challenger Colors
The 2016 Dodge Challenger is currently offered in 10 exterior colors – Billet Silver, Bright White, Go Mango, Granite, Ivory White, Jazz Blue, Maximum Steel, Pitch Black, Redline Red and TorRed. Notice, that list doesn’t include the previously offered colors of B5 Blue or Plum Crazy Purple.

For 2017, Granite, Billet Silver, Pitch Black, Maximum Steel, Go Mango, Redline Red and TorRed return, but they are joined by four new colors with Yellow Jacket, Octane Red, Green Go and Destroyer Grey and two renamed colors, White Knuckle (previously Bright White) and Contusion Blue (previously Jazz Blue). For those wondering about the new Green Go, while it looks similar to Sublime from the 2015 model year, this new color is a little darker and it has less metallic sparkle to it. (Challenger colors shown atop this piece)

Ivory White, B5 Blue and Plum Crazy are the colors which were removed from 2016 to 2017.

2017 Dodge Charger Colors
The 2016 Dodge Charger is currently offered in 11 exterior colors – B5 Blue, Billet Silver, Bright White, Go Mango, Granite, Ivory White, Jazz Blue, Maximum Steel, Pitch Black, Redline Red and TorRed. The limited edition option of Plum Crazy is no longer available, so it is excluded from the current color list.

17 charger colors


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Thank you for all the info on the 2017 challenger & charger.
No B5, no buy. Guess I'll keep 'er another year or two before upping to the 392. Anybody know if the whole weight loss thing w/the alfa giulia platform is actually happening in '18 or was that just a rumor?
I had a b5 blue 1969 Roadrunner and looking at a new challenger and now you don't offer b5 blue.
i know where there is a new 2016 R/T shaker challenger 392 in B5 blue. i took it out for a test drive today assume car but I'm looking for Green or Black
I saw a commercial with an all wheel drive challenger.... is this a fact... the hellcat is going to be all wheel drive???