The 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra

The 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra is the ultimate tribute to Carroll Shelby

Today in Monterey California, the “Friends of Carroll Shelby” introduced the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra – a one-off ultra high performance Mustang designed to be the ultimate tribute vehicle to the late, great Carroll Shelby.

The Friends of Carroll Shelby group is comprised of a wide variety of people and companies from around the automotive industry including Ford Motor Company, Ford Racing, Shelby American and many more. The group began with the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 - the final production model on which Mr. Shelby worked before passing away earlier this year – adding a variety of unique items inside, outside and under the hood to transform the 2013 GT500 into the unique GT500 Cobra.

"Even at 89 years of age, Carroll was an inspiration to us all," said Jim Farley, vice president for sales and marketing for Ford Motor Company. "This year marks the 50th anniversary of the original Shelby Cobra. This car represents the very idea he had about making the 2013 Shelby GT500 into a true Cobra."


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