The 2013 Ford Escape at the NAIAS

2013 Ford Escape rated at best in class 33mpg

The EPA has just released their official fuel economy figures for the all-new 2013 Ford Escape and with the help of the 1.6L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, the new Escape is officially the most efficient vehicle in the class with an automatic transmission with all engines offering better than 30 miles per gallon.

The most fuel efficient engine for the 2013 Ford Escape is the 1.6L EcoBoost 4-cylinder, which makes its entry into the US market in the new compact SUV. The EPA rated the new 1.6L EcoBoost at 23 miles per gallon and a class-leading 33mpg on the highway. It should be noted that the new Escape is the most efficient compact sport utility vehicle with an automatic transmission although the Mazda CX-5 with a manual transmission offers 35 miles per gallon. However, compared to every other small SUV on the American market, the new EcoBoost Escape is the most efficient option on the market. In addition to offering class-leading fuel economy, the new 1.6L EcoBoost 4-cylinder offers 178 horsepower and 184lb-ft of torque – making it considerably more powerful than the Mazda CX-5 that rivals it in fuel economy figures (the CX-5 offers 155hp, 150tq). This engine is also more efficient than the outgoing Escape Hybrid models.

The 1.6L EcoBoost engine is standard on the 2013 Ford Escape in the SE and SEL trimlines. The Escape SE 1.6L EcoBoost models with front wheel drive start at $25,070 while four wheel drive brings the price to $26,820. The 2013 Escape SEL starts at $27,870 for front wheel drive and all wheel drive brings the price up to $29,620 for 1.6L EcoBoost models.


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