Ford Explorer 2011 Technology Requires Reviews by Drivers Too

Ford Explorer 2011 is an exciting car and its advanced technology may appeal to younger drivers and families, but the tech features require good review before one drives it.

Torque News writes this review after reading number of reviews of 2011 Ford Explorer, including a TorqueNews Explorer review by Keith Griffin. The overall grading is that this is a great car and a fresh twist in the Explorer family, attempting to provide comfort and every type of assistance to the driver as well as passengers. Yet, it is the technology review that is the focus and scope of this article.

On the other hand this quick review is not intended to replace the Owner’s Guide, which comes with this SUV and contains more detailed information. In fact, the Owner’s Guide of the 2011 Explorer has 448 pages and even has an Index, just like a book. While Ford says it reserves the right to change features, your Ford dealer remains the best source for the most current information about the vehicle.

Convenience, comfort and function are the three main goals Ford’s designers and engineers have tried to achieve in this car. They have done a pretty good job in making significant achievements in all of them.


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