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Will Georgia EV Tax Hurt Tesla Model S Sales?

Georgia has eliminated its $5,000 electric car tax credit, replacing it with a $200 tax. Will this dissuade buyers from choosing the Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF, and Chevy Volt? Environmentalists and EV advocates are crying foul over the Peach State's hostile reversal in EV policy.

Last week, Georgia eliminated the state's $5,000 electric car (EV) tax credit---the biggest state-based tax credit in the nation---and replaced it with a $200 annual EV tax (more than drivers of gasoline-powered cars pay). The law, which goes into effect July 1, does so amidst the protests of environmentalists and electric car advocates.

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The BMW i8 is a gorgeous car, but a green one?

BMW i8 is a gorgeous car inside and out, but I can't find anything about it particularly efficient or green among hybrids, nor high performing among the competitive field of more efficient high performance EVs. It competes in a very competitive category with the Tesla Model S P85 EV on the high end and Nissan Leaf EV on the low end, both with increasingly efficient and advanced technology under their hoods that, ironically, has nothing to do with trusted internal combustion (gas) engines.

This, perhaps, explains a lot about why those cars are not getting their due respect vis-a-vis hybrids such as the BMW i8.

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