Tesla Model X Will Begin Mass Appeal of EVs

In September, when Tesla Motors releases its highly anticipated Model X full-size, all-electric SUV, it will usher in the era of fully battery-powered vehicles that are available in a form factor for which Americans actually care. While the Roadster and Model S were proof of the efficiency, luxury, and performance potential of battery electric cars, the Model X will give Americans an opportunity to own an EV in a category they prefer. Next up: A Tesla full-size pickup?

By the time back-to-school ads for Staples are running in your local newspaper, Tesla will be preparing the launch of its highly anticipated Model X fully battery electric SUV (technically, it's a CUV, or crossover utility vehicle). This full-size model, which will offer performance rivaling that of Porsche's respected Cayenne, will feature unique Falcon Wing doors (the term "gull wing" apparently wasn't disruptive enough) and seating for seven adults---plus ample room for luggage, golf clubs, and antique furniture.

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