2014 VW Beetle upgraded

Mid-season upgrades: 2014 Beetle drops 2.5L, adopts new 1.8T as its base engine

If you have been delaying your Beetle purchase, anticipating the arrival of the new, and much improved 1.8T base engine, your wait is finally over. After launching this remarkable new TSI motor in the 2014 Jetta and Passat, Volkswagen has finally gotten around to making the same transformation for its iconic Beetle. This changeover suddenly makes 2014 Bugs equipped with the old 2.5L archaic and potentially eligible for deep discounting to move quickly off of dealers’ lots.
VW Scirocco R Sport Coupe

Why is Volkswagen Refusing to Sell its Fun to Drive and Fast Scirocco R Sport Coupe in the USA?

Many auto brands know that there is nothing like a high performance, well styled, be-spoilered halo model to sit atop their model line-ups even if they don’t sell in huge numbers volume wise. Evidence of this can be seen in industry legends like the Subaru WRX, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Hyundai Genesis Sport Coupe R all the way up to the Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette or anything that is fast and utterly lacking in visual subtlety.
VW and a dog

The Best and Worst New 2014 Volkswagen Models for Dog Owners

Volkswagens have always been like cherished members of the family to people who have owned them whether we are talking about the original Beetle or the VW ‘s current lineup of TDI clean diesel models. And if a car can be like a beloved member of the family, then surely the family dog fits into a very similar category that can make you appreciate your Volkswagen and your dog more than your human relatives that can unfortunately talk.
VW GTI Interior

The Pros and Cons of Life with Volkswagen's Double Clutch Automatic Gearboxes

To the surprise of everyone but Volkswagen engineers themselves, the concept of the double-clutch automatic which this German brand pioneered has seemingly overnight become a much copied fuel saving and performance enhancing technology by the automotive competition.

Volkswagen's November Sales Numbers amid Uncertainty about its Future in the US

A few years back Volkswagen’s parent company in Germany announced a very, very ambitious plan for expansion that called for 800,000 units a year sold in the United States by 2018. So far this year up until the end of November Volkswagen of America’s sales tally has reached 373,689 units with just one more month left until people start making those 2014 New Year’s Resolutions that they will have broken just a week into January.