Skoda Plans To Use the Kodiaq If It Enters The U.S. Market

Skoda Finds Major Twist In Plan To Market SUV in U.S. - Volkswagen

Skoda wants, probably more than anything else right now, to crack the U.S. market. They had planned to use the new Kodiaq, just introduced. It is a three-row, full-size SUV that should do well. The only fly in the ointment is a rather large one, Volkswagen, its parent. The automaker plans to introduce their own version of the same SUV in the U.S. Guess which vehicle will be sold here, at least, first, not the Skoda.
VW cars settlement

For VW, Dieselgate Settlement Seems To Be A Never-Ending Story As New Reports Appear Of The Scandal’s Depth

Like a never-ending story, the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal keeps on going. And, just when you think there’s finally a conclusion and settlement compensation in horizon, it all unravels and starts up again. For example, for the longest time, the assumption has been - among observers - that VW used one piece of code (computer software) to enable its vehicles to pass U.S. emissions standards.