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Tinsae Aregay has been following Tesla and The evolution of the EV space on a daily basis for several years. He covers everything about Tesla from the cars, to Elon Musk, the energy business and autonomy. Follow Tinsae on Twitter at @TinsaeAregay for daily Tesla news.

Elon Musk Categorically Denies SEC & DOJ Investigation Claims That He Misappropriated Tesla Funds To Build a Glass House 2023-08-31
Tesla Researchers Announce a 4 Million-Mile Battery But It’s Only The 3rd Best Cell Chemistry They Discovered 2023-08-30
Breaking: Tesla Releases FSD on HW4 Vehicles Only a Day After Elon Musk Said it Will Take at Least 6 Months 2023-08-29
Tesla Delivers Over 100 Cybertrucks to Service Centers Across the US as It Readies a 1st of Its Kind Delivery Event 2023-08-28
Elon Musk Confirms No FSD For HW4 Vehicles (Perhaps Until 2025) as Tesla Prioritizes Solving FSD on HW3 Globally 2023-08-27
Breaking: Tesla Sends Out Cybertruck Delivery Event Invites, Launches Pay-to-Attend Program, Confirms Event Location 2023-08-24
After Driving a Cybertruck With Fit & Finish Issues, Elon Musk Rallies Tesla Employees To Achieve LEGO Precision 2023-08-23
New Tesla Promotional Video Hints at South Korea as Next Gigafactory Location 2023-08-23
Tesla Spotted With A Large Film Crew Shooting a New RC Cybertruck Video Using a Range Rover 2023-08-20
Breaking: Tesla is Reportedly in the Early Stages of Setting Up a Car Rental Company to Take on Hertz 2023-08-18
New Leaks Push First Refreshed Project Highland Tesla Model 3 Deliveries to September 2023-08-17
Elon Musk Says He’ll Live Stream 1st Tesla FSD V12 Drive Next Week Without Mark Zuckerberg Fight 2023-08-16
Tesla Launches Cheaper Model S & X Variants With Only 269-Mile EPA Range 2023-08-15
Tesla Cuts Model Y Prices In China As It Continues Strategy Of Sacrificing Profit To Gain Market Share 2023-08-14
Elon Musk Confirms Tesla FSD v12 Alpha – the Final, Simple & Elegant Approach to Level 4 Autonomy 2023-07-27
Leaked Tesla Image Show a Cybertruck Wrapped To Look Like Ford F-150, Octavalve, & Small Frunk 2023-07-24
Elon Musk Suggests Tesla Cybertruck Will Start Below $50,000 Following Ford F-150 Lightning Price Cuts 2023-07-17
Breaking: Tesla Shares Picture of 1st Production Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas, Confirms Giga Wiper & Yoke 2023-07-15
New China Numbers Show Giga Shanghai Responsible for More Than Half Of Tesla’s Record Q2 Production 2023-07-04
Tesla Stock Up $57 Billion in a Day Following Blowout Q2 Production & Delivery Results 2023-07-03
Elon Musk Confirms With Version 12 Tesla Plans to Move FSD Software Out of Beta 2023-06-30
Elon Musk Confirms With Version 12 Tesla Plans to Move FSD Software Out of Beta 2023-06-28
Multiple Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted on the Highway on the Back of a Ford F-250 Truck Ahead of Deliveries 2023-06-22
Rivian Says Next Generation R2S & R2T Vehicles will Come Standard with Tesla Chargers (NACS) 2023-06-20
Tesla is Offering Incentives to Clear Model 3 Inventory Ahead of Project Highland Update 2023-06-15