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Tinsae Aregay has been following Tesla and The evolution of the EV space on a daily basis for several years. He covers everything about Tesla from the cars, to Elon Musk, the energy business and autonomy. Follow Tinsae on Twitter at @TinsaeAregay for daily Tesla news.

Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Details: 800-Volt, 14’’ Suspension Travel, 125,000 Production Capacity & November Delivery 2023-10-19
Tesla Shares a Video of FSD 12 Autonomsly Driving Around Austin, Texas 2023-10-18
Tesla Introduces 2 New Model Y Variants in China, Suggests HW4 Imminent Launch 2023-10-16
A Release Candidate Tesla Cybertruck Gets Pulled Over by a Cop in California 2023-10-13
Breaking: Tesla Launches Model 3 & Y Color Factory Wraps, Cybertruck to Get This Option Within 6 Months 2023-10-10
Tesla Live Streams 1280-Mile Baja Desert Cybertruck Off-Road Durability Test Using a Starlink Mobility Unit 2023-10-09
Breaking: An Early VIN Tesla Cybertruck Sells For $400,000 at an Auction Predicting Incredible Demand 2023-10-08
Hundreds of Cybertruck Giga Castings Spotted at Giga Texas as Tesla Tests Sub Systems Ahead Volume Production 2023-10-07
Tesla Cuts Model 3 & Y Prices to Historical Lows Following a Disappointing Production & Delivery Quarter 2023-10-06
Tesla Cybertruck Spotted With Grafitti Paint and Mounted Mobile Starlink Receiver Hinting at a Possible SpaceX Package 2023-10-04
A New Video Shows a Tesla Cybertruck Utilizing 4-Wheel Steering to Perform an Incredibly Tight Turn 2023-10-03
Tesla Shares Analyst Vehicle Delivery Consensus as It Works To Lower Expectations Ahead of Quarterly Decline 2023-09-30
RC Cybertruck Spotted Testing With LiDAR as Tesla Calibrates FSD Cameras Ahead of Start of Production 2023-09-28
AOC Says She’ll Replace Her Tesla Model 3 With a Union-Built EV In Support of Ongoing UAW Strikes at the Detroit 3 2023-09-26
Breaking: Elon Musk Says He ‘Drove The Performance Tesla Cybertruck & It’s Next-Level’ – Here’re The Rumored Specs 2023-09-23
Breaking: Tesla Reveals It’ll Add 40,000 Employees at Giga Texas to Support Cybertruck Production 2023-09-22
Tesla Investor Says There’re “Incredible” Details To be Revealed About Cybertruck, Choses it as Oracle’s Next Cop Car 2023-09-21
We Get Our 1st Clear View of The Cybertruck’s Interior During Israeli PM’s Tesla Visit With Elon Musk 2023-09-19
Tesla Rep Confirms Cybertruck Delivery Precise Month 2023-09-16
Tesla Supplier Says Giga Mexico Start of Production Delayed as far as 2027 2023-09-07
Leaked Tesla Cybertruck Interior Video Shows a 2nd 8-Inch Rear Screen Similar To the Refreshed Model 3 2023-09-06
Truckloads of Refreshed Model 3s Spotted as Tesla Readies 1st Deliveries, US Deliveries Not Likely Until 2024 2023-09-05
Model S & X Owners Unhappy After Tesla Cut Price By As Much As $30K Demand a List of Compensations From Tesla 2023-09-01
Breaking: Tesla Massively Cuts Model S, X & FSD Prices, Model X Now Qualifies For $7.5K EV Tax Incentive 2023-09-01
Up Close Project Highland Image Confirm Model 3 Will Not Be a Hatchback, Tesla Massively Cuts Prices Ahead of Refresh 2023-08-31