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Al Castro

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NewsTesla Model U Mania: So Over and Done With Model Y, Tesla Fans Move on to the Pickup Truck: What Will it Be Like? Al Castro01 day 3 hours ago
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NewsTest Drive: Dropping Off my 3 Series For a Week in a Loaner BMW 430i: the Setup for the Soon Coming i4 Electric Al Castro24 days 13 hours ago
NewsThe “Coal Rolling” and “ICE-ing” Menace and What You Can do to Prevent It and Abate It Al Castro114 days 13 hours ago
NewsTesla Video Of Woman Trying to Gas Up A Model S - Real or Fake? Vote Here John Goreham94 days 14 hours ago
NewsBy Offering BEV Conversions to Older Aston and Other Classic Cars, Aston Martin Ensures its Legacy Forever Al Castro24 days 14 hours ago
NewsFenix Power and ChargeShare Make a Game Changing Alliance for BEV Batteries and Public Charging Options Al Castro24 days 14 hours ago
NewsTurning Your Rolls Royce Into an EV: Using Retrograded EV Conversion Kits for Older and Classic Cars Al Castro44 days 14 hours ago
NewsThe Tesla Model Y Unveil: This is Electric Car Life After Leaf and Bolt Al Castro64 days 15 hours ago
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NewsNissan x Opus and the Air Opus Off Road Pop-Up Camper Make the ex-Leaf Car Organ Donation Idea a Worthy Battery Campsite Cause Al Castro02 weeks 6 days ago
NewsThe Car Lab Mad Doc Looks to Sign a Pact With Besos and Bloody Mary: Is the GM Buy-In to Rivian the Coming of the American Rolls Royce? Or Just Another GM Saab Story? Al Castro01 month 4 days ago
NewsBEV Range Freeze: The Cold Realities of BEV Winter Driving, Summer is Only Half as Bad Al Castro01 month 6 days ago
NewsOperation Polaris and VW’s Plan to Make $21,000 BEV VW Neo the Car to Beat Tesla Before Tesla Corners the BEV Market Al Castro21 month 1 week ago
NewsDriving Distracted While AutoPilot, and the Dangerous Brinksmanship that Goes With It Al Castro01 month 2 weeks ago
NewsWith Lower Priced and Less S and X, Tesla Revamps Model Range Structure and Readies for Base Model 3 Production Al Castro31 month 2 weeks ago
NewsThe Electric Mini Cooper is Finally Scheduled for Production, But I Don’t Appear Excited Al Castro71 month 2 weeks ago
NewsThe Cadillac XT6-Gate Debate: Luxury Car Brands: Are They Even Needed Anymore In the Age of Car Sharing, RoboTaxis, and Autonomy? Al Castro101 month 2 weeks ago
News“My Tesla Did it:” The Push Button Excuse from Life’s Responsibilities. Owning Technology Before it Owns Us Al Castro01 month 2 weeks ago
NewsThe Cadillac XT6-Gate Debacle, the “Lead Brand” Stumble, and the Solutions: What Now to Do Moving Forward Al Castro61 month 2 weeks ago
NewsFirearms Onboard a Tesla Should be Holstered or in a Locked Case, Not Discharged through a Battery Pack Al Castro41 month 2 weeks ago