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Mar 18 2023 - 5:28am Hybrids That Don't Plug In Have A Murky Future In The US
Mar 17 2023 - 5:23pm Mazda May Have Swung And Missed On Its First Plug-In Hybrids
Mar 15 2023 - 4:12am Kia Reveals Their New Flagship Electric SUV That Will Help Redefine Its Segment
Mar 13 2023 - 4:22am Plug-In Hybrids Still Get Great Fuel Efficiency When Using Gas For Heat
Mar 10 2023 - 4:18am Kia EV6 Seems Like It Is Headed Toward Compliance Car Status
Mar 4 2023 - 6:37pm All Electric Pickups Are Awesome, But They're Going To Slow EV Adoption
Mar 3 2023 - 2:20pm Facing US Federal Subsidy Loss, Manufacturers Begin Steering EV Supply Elsewhere
Mar 2 2023 - 4:35am Kia US February Sales Are Best Ever But Hybrids Are Winning Out Over EVs
Feb 25 2023 - 4:47am Feature Set Side By Side: Electrified Kia Sportage Vs. Electrified Kia Niro
Feb 23 2023 - 3:18am Plug-In Hybrid Vs. Standard Hybrid: Kia Sportage Makes It Easy For The Budget Conscious
Feb 20 2023 - 1:41pm Feature Set Side By Side: Kia Sportage Hybrid Vs. Honda CRV Hybrid
Feb 18 2023 - 4:10am GM Says It Will Overtake Other Legacy Automakers In EV Race In 2023, And It Just Might
Feb 16 2023 - 3:04am Toyota's Late Turn Toward EVs May Be Too Little, Too Late
Feb 13 2023 - 12:44pm Yakima JetStream Roof Rack On Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Minimally Impacts Fuel Efficiency
Feb 12 2023 - 4:54am Why We Need To Rethink 240V Charging Etiquette
Feb 11 2023 - 6:27am Mainstream 3-Row Plug-In Hybrid SUV Options Are Slim But New Mazda CX-90 Spices Things Up
Feb 4 2023 - 2:21pm Kia Niro EV Standard Features Outclass All Under $40K EV Competitors
Feb 3 2023 - 2:44am Kia Sets New January Sales Records In the US, Off To Roaring Start For 2023
Feb 2 2023 - 11:55am The Kia Niro EV Is Not Selling As Well As Its Competitors In The US, That May Change Soon
Jan 28 2023 - 7:36am Comparing The 2023 Niro EV Wind To Its Under $40k Competition
Jan 27 2023 - 6:30pm Torque News Staff Compare The Mitsubishi Outlander And Kia Sorento PHEVs
Jan 27 2023 - 5:27am How I Keep Fuel Costs For My Plug-In Hybrid SUV So Low
Jan 23 2023 - 4:47am 2023 Niro EV Wind Review: Kia's Entry Level Electric Car Is Excellent
Jan 21 2023 - 5:38am Why Kia Makes A Better Plug-In Hybrid Than Chevy Did
Jan 20 2023 - 4:17pm Americans Favor One Of The Least Efficient Plug-In Hybrid SUVs Around