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Jeremy Johnson

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NewsAll Tesla Model 3 and Y Qualify for $7,500 U.S. Tax Credit Jeremy Johnson01 day 7 hours ago
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NewsTax Credits Change for Tesla Vehicles: Model Y In and Model 3 RWD Out Jeremy Johnson12 days 12 hours ago
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NewsThe Tesla Model 2, the End of All Other EV's Jeremy Johnson123 days 11 hours ago
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NewsModel 3 Speed Without a Body - Surprising Results Jeremy Johnson04 days 13 hours ago
NewsTesla Park Assist Now Works Without Ultrasonic Sensors: More Features To Come Soon Jeremy Johnson14 days 14 hours ago
NewsTesla Safety Score Update 2.0: Late Night Driving Less of a Penalty Plus Two New Categories Jeremy Johnson14 days 22 hours ago
Forum topicMay 30 News topics Denis Flierl75 days 1 hour ago
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NewsHow Much Range the Model Y Will Have in the Future Jeremy Johnson11 week 1 day ago
NewsWe Have a Problem with Car Seats and Our Backs Jeremy Johnson41 week 2 days ago
NewsInside of the Front of the Cybertruck Leaked Jeremy Johnson01 week 3 days ago
NewsTesla Has Another Giga Factory Announcement Coming This Year: Elon Musk Says THIS Location Is Interesting Jeremy Johnson01 week 5 days ago
NewsElon Musk Is Aware of Aptera: Why Tesla Won't Make Their Own Fuel Efficient Vehicle Jeremy Johnson11 week 5 days ago
NewsWhy Are Batteries So Confusing In An EV? Making Sense of Tesla EV Batteries Jeremy Johnson01 week 5 days ago
NewsShould You Wait To Buy the Tesla Compact Car Instead of a Model 3 or Y? Jeremy Johnson01 week 5 days ago
Forum topicMay 23 News & Topics Tinsae Aregay91 week 5 days ago
NewsTesla Executives Have Confirmed Cybertruck Launch Date Jeremy Johnson51 week 5 days ago
NewsThe Unheard Of Efficiency of the Model Y AWD: How Many Miles Per kWh? Jeremy Johnson12 weeks 9 hours ago
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NewsHow Much Range Does a Tesla Model 3 Have After 100,000 Miles? Jeremy Johnson02 weeks 23 hours ago
NewsA Wife of a Tesla Fan Gives Her Honest Review of the Tesla Model Y Jeremy Johnson02 weeks 23 hours ago