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Read the latest Toyota news and recent events.Toyota is one of the world's largest automakers and is known as the quality, durability, and reliability leader in the industry. Toyota's Camry, Corolla, RAV 4 and Highlander define their class. Toyota makes trucks in its Texas plant and most of its cars are made in the markets they serve.

When you think of dependable vehicles in the automotive world, the Toyota brand belongs near the top. Toyota’s entire fleet of cars, trucks and SUVs is known for incredible quality and reliability over time.

The Toyota lineup in the United States consists of many popular vehicles including Camry, Prius, RAV4, Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Highlander, Corolla, Avalon, Sienna, Yaris, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, Corolla Hatchback, C-HR, Supra, 86, Prius Prime and Mirai. Many other popular Toyota models and variations exist all over the world as well.

At Torque News, our team covers the Toyota brand in full detail. We provide you with in-depth vehicle reviews, trim level comparisons, how-to tips and Toyota breaking news and developing stories. We also try to include helpful and useful videos in many of our stories so you can get the most information for your time.

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Used Toyota Avalon Highly Recommended by This Mechanic

One of the Best Toyotas Ever Made You Should Look for Used

Looking for a used Toyota, but unsure which model is one of the best you should be focused on during a used car search? Here’s one surprising recommendation from a Toyota mechanic and automotive expert that is not a Corolla or a Camry…or even a Lexus---that he calls a “gem” IF it has been taken care of over the years.
Corolla Cross Has One Performance Point That May Deter Buyers

Toyota Mechanic Asks Whether You Should Really Consider Buying a Toyota Corolla Cross

Described as the “Back-to-Basics Toyota” the Toyota Corolla Cross was recently reviewed twice by this popular mechanic with his eye and experience on everything you need to know both inside and outside of this new model with insight into why you should do a careful test drive of this model before deciding on buying it.
Toyota Highlander Recommended by CR Analysts

Consumer Reports Finds the Best Deals on Fuel-Efficient Cars to Buy Today

Here’s the latest selection from Consumer Reports on what they found to be the most fuel-efficient cars with Toyota leading based on overall fuel-economy test results matched with those cars that are selling at just 2-6 percent over MSRP, which they report is “…as good as it gets right now” with today’s new car market for vehicles that are fuel-efficient.
Hybrids Are Not for Everyone

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Toyota or Lexus Hybrid This Year

According to a Toyota expert, not all information out there is correct when it comes to buying and owning a Toyota or Lexus Hybrid. Here is what he has to say to set the record straight for Hybrid car shoppers. Plus, a good argument why buying a Hybrid makes better sense than buying an EV.
Kia EV6 at charging station

Kia's EVs Mark Best-Ever U.S. Monthly Sales, Nearly Doubling Previous Record

Kia’s total February sales increased 2.3% year over year. That may sound like only modest growth. But it is important to note that last month Kia’s 2 EV models, the brand new EV6 and the returning Niro EV, also beat their previous best ever month, September 2021, by 181%.
Engine Oil and Filter Info for Toyota Owners

How to Maintain your Toyota with DIY Instruction from These Toyota Mechanics

Are you under the impression that today’s Toyotas are too complicated for the owner to do any maintenance of their own? Would you like to avoid lube center scams? Here is your chance to learn how to maintain your Toyota by following this advice and instruction from two popular YouTube channel Toyota mechanics who demonstrate what you need to know and how easy it can be to keep your Toyota running well. Plus, find out the number one cause of high energy battery failure in hybrid Toyotas.
The Corolla Makes a Great Commuter Car

The Best Used Affordable Economical Commuter Car Recommended by This Mechanic

Wondering what may be the best used affordable and economical commuter car you can buy today? Here’s a look at one particular model this mechanic examines and says that this could possibly be one of the best commuter cars you can find used. Plus, a bonus video explaining a transmission fluid replacement on this same car that is a DIY maintenance task you can do in case you are lucky enough to find and buy this model.
Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Mistakes

Avoid These Common Mistakes During a Valve Cover Gasket Job

Whether you are doing a valve cover gasket job to stop an oil leak or having someone else do it at a service center or garage, here are some common mistakes made that you should avoid or make part of your post-service repair check after the garage completes the job as shown in this example with a 1996 Toyota 4Runner with 280,000 miles.