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Center console distractions. Photo © 2013 by Don Bain

Can cars compensate for the crazy world we drive through?

In the average day, most of us deal with commutes, calls, texts, emails, navigation, social media, in car climate, plus auditory inputs and selections – much of this occurring while we drive through a world increasingly full of traffic, distracted or drunk drivers, construction, blocked routes, incessant delays – and that’s all without mentioning spouses or kids.
Jim Farley Exec VP of Global Marketing Sales Service Lincoln

Farley's keynote at NYIAS - shifts in the reshaped post-recession auto industry

Ford Executive Vice President Jim Farley gave the keynote address at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, highlighting the extreme changes the automotive industry in North America has undergone after the "great recession" of 2008; including demographic shifts in buyers, a new focus on fuel economy, and the power of mobile platforms.
The 2013 Nissan 370Z

Three simple reasons why the Nissan 370Z cannot compete in the US

We used to include the Nissan 370Z in our monthly rear wheel drive performance car sales piece but due to the extremely slow sales of the Z car, we dropped it from our monthly sales comparison. After receiving complaints from a handful of Japanese performance enthusiasts who thought that we should include the sporty Nissan, we wanted to take a look at just why the 370Z struggles to compete in the US market.
Lexus IS350

What would I buy right now? A Lexus IS350, an Acura RDX, and a Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid

The most common question an automotive journalist will be asked is 'What car should I buy?" This is a loaded question, since our vehicles are not only an extension of ourselves, but also should fit exactly what our lifestyles and transportation requirements are.