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Tesla is an electric car company with a goal and vision, which is to make quality electric vehicles affordable to average drivers. The company is located in California and its top cars include Roadster, Tesla Model S, and Model X. This page features the latest Tesla news and updates as well as reviews of Tesla vehicles. The news on this page is updated daily.

New Jersey will allow Tesla to sell direct, but eventually it might not matter

Nearly two months after Tesla was forced to halt sales at its two New Jersey stores, the state assembly has passed a bill permitting direct sales for zero-emission vehicle manufacturers. The big question is whether or not Tesla will eventually change its business model.
Tesla Roadster

How long will electric vehicle batteries last? Tesla’s Roadster could be a guide

One of the most important questions to the electric vehicle industry does not have a clear-cut answer. However, certain factors such as temperature and charging habits are known to have a great effect and the Tesla Roadster provides intriguing real world data.
Tesla Model S Underbody Shield

Musk - Model S underbody shield would have prevented fire even in violent Mexico crash

Elon Musk recently gave details on the fiery Model S crash in Mexico last year, and it is no small wonder the vehicle caught fire. Even still, Musk claims if that Model S had been outfitted with the current titanium and aluminum underbody shields there would have been no flames.