Toyota Venza, Tacoma rock NADAguides best buys

NADAguides in its 2011 Second Quarter Car Buyer's Market Report selected six models from Toyota, Acura, Dodge, GMC and Hyundai as Top Recommended Current Buys. The vehicles that offer great values and good deals from the showroom floor are the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 Manual, Toyota Venza I4 AWD, Acura TL, Dodge Challenger R/T, GMC Terrain SLE-2 and Hyundai Azera Limited.
2012 Toyota Prius V cargo room

Cargo room is king on 2012 Toyota Prius v

Toyota has a lot riding on its old standby, the Prius. But it's hardly a risk. The best-selling hybrid car in the world might be 14 years old, but as the Prius name gets older, the 2.1 million-plus people who keep buying it are saying with their wallets that it's getting better. And for 2012 there's a new choice: Three versions, so far, of the Prius v, which is big on cargo space and stingy on fuel consumption.

Toyota requests dismissal of shareholder suits over unintended acceleration

Toyota Motor Corporation has been hit with a great many lawsuits stemming from their concealing known problems of unintended acceleration and while the automaker’s requests for dismissal have been rejected several times, they have once again requested that a group of lawsuits be throw out – this time focusing on the claims filed by their shareholders over the drop in company stock when the massive wave of recalls hit.

Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) goes solar route to power its England plant

Has the earthquake and tsunami forced Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) to rethink it relationship to the power grid? According to the BBC, thousands of solar panels are now being installed at Toyota's Derbyshire manufacturing plant in a bid to bypass the grid, cut bills and save energy.

Toyota Camry accelerates through the front of a Detroit area Lotus dealership

Just when Toyota’s problems centering around “unintended acceleration” seemed to be fading, a Birmingham, Michigan car dealership specializing in European exotics had a late model Toyota Camry slam through their front windows – damaging a limited edition Lotus and doing extensive damage to the business.

Choosing the right car to survive the Zombie Apocalypse

You are startled out of bed with a loud crash as the window in your bedroom explodes to a sea of bloody hands reaching in and grabbing aimlessly at anything that breathes. The moans and growls coming from outside grows louder as the window continues to shatter. Your roommate runs into your room carrying only a baseball bat with a bewildered look on his face. It has begun.

Combustion engine improvements threaten alternative vehicles, electric cars

"We forget sometimes that the current contender continues to improve," said Linda A. Capuano, Marathon Oil’s vice president for emerging technologies, at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business’s 59th Annual Management Conference. If combustion engines continue to increase efficiency and lower emissions, alternative fuel vehicles may take longer to replace them than previously thought.