Scion is Toyota's youth brand invented to bring in new buyers. The Scion FR-S is one of the most talked about affordable sports cars in the world.


Scion keeps price, production low on 2012 tC 7.0

On the heels of a 73% tC coupe sales increase in June, Scion hopes that hot hand translates to even more sales for a tC that is cooler to look at and more technologically advanced. With that in mind, Scion has rolled out its second-generation tC sports coupe, a 2012 tC Release Series 7.0 that is headed to dealers in the next two months.

Redesigned 2011 Scion tC an Appealing, Sporty Coupe

The Scion brand seemed to have so much potential when it was first introduced nationwide back in 2004 after a limited rollout in 2003. Scion was going to be Toyota’s hip, young alternative to its relatively stodgy, mainstream line of vehicles. It would be marketed using guerilla marketing techniques that eschewed mainstream outlets (and predated Facebook and Twitter).