Scion is Toyota's youth brand invented to bring in new buyers. The Scion FR-S is one of the most talked about affordable sports cars in the world.


The Scion 10 Series limited edition lineup

Scion celebrates 10th birthday with limited edition FR-S, tC, iQ, xB and xD

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the Scion brand in the United States and to celebrate, the brand will issue limited editions of the new Scion 10 Series package for the entire current brand – bringing a unique look to the FR-S, the iQ, the tC, the xB and the xD with varying production figures for each.

The 2014 Scion tC debuts in New York with some FR-S flare

Among the new model debuts on display right now at the 2013 New York International Auto Show is the refreshed 2014 Scion tC which features a host of features both inside and out that have been featured on the popular Scion FR-S – including a sharpened exterior that gives the tC a great deal more family attitude.
Toyota GT86 TRD

The Toyota GT86 TRD brings new aggressive design to the UK tuner crowd

Since the Toyota GT86, the Scion FR-S and the Subaru Boxer were introduced, the tuner crowd around the world has been clamoring for higher performance variants of the new Japanese rear drive sports coupe and while it doesn’t pack any more power – the new Toyota GT86 TRD carries a more aggressive design that could eventually come to those Toyobaru coupes sold in the US.
The 2013 Scion FR-S

A review of the 2013 Scion FR-S: daily driving Japan's award winning sports car

This past summer, I spent a few hours driving around Florida in the 2013 Scion FR-S in an area with no traffic, no stop lights, no real turns and no destination which really showcased the performance attributes of the FR-S but it didn’t really give me a chance to see what it was like to drive under normal circumstances – a problem solved recently when I spent a week behind the wheel of Japan’s uber popular sports coupe.

Toyota GT86 convertible could debut in Geneva next March, possibly with hybrid power

It has been widely rumored that Toyota Motor Co is planning a convertible version of the Toyota GT86 and according to insider comments, the drop top rear wheel drive sports car could make its public debut next March at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show – giving American buyers an idea of what to expect when the Scion FR-S convertible arrives in the future.
The Scion FR-S

TRD rumored to be building a supercharger for the Scion FR-S

Rumors around the automotive water cooler suggest that Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is currently developing a supercharger package for the Toyota GT86 and the Scion FR-S that would be offered via their aftermarket performance parts division – a modification which would go a long way in helping the sporty rear drive Scion keep pace with the other rear wheel drive sports cars in the US market.
The 2009 Toyota Camry

Toyota knew of window switch failures years ahead of recall

In the wake of Toyota’s massive recall issued yesterday that will bring over 7.4 million vehicles back to dealerships for repairs around the world comes some controversy that the Japanese automaker knew about the troublesome window switches at fault for this new recall some 5 years earlier – news that could draw the attention of the US government.
The 2013 Scion FR-S

Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ owners facing engine software problem

The new Scion FRS and the Subaru BRZ have hit the market with instant popularity but the internet is abuzz over an engine idle problem that the two automakers claim is caused by a “software bug” related to the variable valve timing system – with the two companies taking differing views on how this problem needs to be fixed.
The Scion Logo. Courtesy of Scion

Scion planning the ultimate underground party in Cincinnati

Scion began as a brand aimed at youthful buyers, but over the years since the first Scion hit the streets, it has created a quasi-cult following of highly passionate believers of all ages, genders, races and creeds. This highly inclusive following will come together for the ultimate underground party in a half-mile, underground tunnel in downtown Cincinnati September 15.