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Interlagos_2006_aerial.jpg by Marlon Hammes. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Here is your ticket to an awesome Formula One fan experience

The high-pitched whine of Formula One racers will set your heart racing as the low-slung racers streak by, generating up to 5-gees of lateral force on some turns. You’re in the Formula One Paddock Club thanks to QuintEvents, who has been selected to provide in-the-thick-of-it travel/race experiences for all 14 Grand Prix Races remaining this year.
Carroll Shelby Now and Then

Carroll Shelby's kids and estranged wife in custody battle over his body

Typically when someone passes away, their body is handed over to loved ones who can then prepare for their final resting plans but the body of automotive legend Carroll Shelby reportedly remains in the medical examiners refrigerated holding facility while Mr. Shelby’s children and his wife Cleo battle over his remains.
The 2012 Jetta TDI. Photo by Don Bain

EU set to enact tougher emissions standards, but activists not satisfied

A draft proposal before the European Commission reportedly sets much more stringent emission standards for vehicles sold within the member nations of the European Union, however, the proposal is not yet public and will need to successfully pass through a long legislative gauntlet before becoming law.