Saab 9-5 Wagon

Saab gets a glimmer of hope from the Swedish government

While things are far from good, the Saab brand has received a brief glimmer of hope from the Swedish government as their appeal for government protection from creditors has been granted – giving the automaker a new chance to prove to the Swedish authorities that protection during corporate reorganization can save the struggling company.

Saab’s request for government protection denied – bankruptcy appears imminent

We reported yesterday that Saab and parent company Swedish Automobile had filed for government protection from their unpaid suppliers and employees who are getting ever closer to forcing Saab into bankruptcy and today, Saab is one step closer to facing bankruptcy as the Swedish government has denied the automaker’s plea for protection.

Spyker to become Swedish Automobile N.V.

Spyker has made some interesting moves over the past year, including buying the struggling Saab brand and selling off the Spyker brand to focus on Saab – only to run out of money and go on a desperate hunt for investors to resume production – and now it looks like the company will make another big move as they rename themselves Swedish Automobile N.V.