Rolls Royce Motor Cars

Belgian auto enthusiasts make pilgrimage to Rolls Royce in classic cars

Over 100 Belgian auto enthusiasts, including the drivers of 30 vintage vehicles and their passengers, arrived at the home of Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Inc. last Monday, thus completing a six-day roadtrip that began six days ago, traveling from Kortrijk through Beaulieu to the Rolls Royce offices in Goodwood.

The 2013 EV will recharge wirelessly thanks to Evatran, Yazaki

We reported two months ago the first electric Roll Royce would charge wirelessly. Now it appears, even before the first of those is available, the common electric vehicle may do the same thing thanks to a joint venture announced today by the developer of the wireless vehicle recharging system Evatran, and Yazaki, the leading developer of electric vehicle distribution systems.