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There's a tune out with perfect betting advice. It's the kind of advice that keeps cars with their owners.

Sometimes This Tune Has The Best Advice When It Comes To Car Bets

Maybe, if Brandon Marshall had listened to "The Gambler," he wouldn't be walking around while his Porsche heads to Antonio Brown. The wide receivers wagered "the pinks" on who would garner more yardage. In the last weekend of the regular season, Brown has an insurmountable lead.

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Judge Rebukes VW Owners For Taking Parts From Their TDI Buyback Vehicles

The Newest Dieselgate Cheat: Owners Stripping Cars Before Buybacks

In the latest Dieselgate twist, it seems that some enterprising owners have decided to push the limits of the buyback agreement by gutting their cars of parts and then turning them in. Of course, VW is pissed off; the judge is peeved, and the FTC is outraged, as they well should be because the owners are wrong.

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The Judge Has Approved In Principal The Newest Compensation Plan For 3.0-liter V-6 Diesel Owners

VW, Diesel Owners, Regulators Approve Major 3.0-Liter Settlement; Still Under Wraps

With all the piece suddenly falling into place, it looks like Volkswagen has weatheed the Dieselgate scandal successfully. Though there are still some possible snags out there, by and large, the road is becoming smoother for the world's number two automaker.

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Dieselgate Negotiators Spend A Long Weekend At The Table As They Faced A New Monday Deadlne

Dieselgate Negotiators Spend Tense Weekend At Table; Hearing Set Monday

Playing a game of speed-up, negotiators burned the midnight oil much of this weekend as they sought to find a way to conclude this section of Volkswagen's self-inflicted diesel-rigging scandal. They have move into the 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel area.

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The Porsche Mission E electric super-car is expected to sell about 20,000 copies a year.

Porsche To Embark On “Mission E-Possible” With New Electric In 2019

Porsche has high hopes for the Mission E electric. The automaker hopes they can move about 20,000 per year or about a quarter of the number of Macan SUVs that it moves. The Mission E, a super-car unveiled at the Frankfort Auto Show last year, is expected to be lightning fast to 62 kph and still have a 300-mile-plus range.

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Porsche Plans To Sell Dieselgate Cayennes As Prime Used-Cars

Once Fix Is Set, Porsche Will Fix Diesel Cayennes, Sell Them As Used

Once the court approves a proposed fix for 3.0-liter V-6 diesels involved in Volkswagen's emissions scamming scandal, Porsche will fix up to 1,500 brand-new Cayennes that have been frozen on dealer lots and offer the crossovers for sale as super used-cars.

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