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Ford Expands Driveshaft Recall to Cover Heavy-Duty Pickups

Ford Expands Pickup Driveshaft Recall To Heavy-Duty Trucks

In the second driveshaft recall in the last three months, Ford has expanded its driveshaft recall to cover heavy-duty pickups (F-250/F-350). In December, the automaker recalled 185,000 F-150 pickups because of potential driveshaft failures. Now, it has recalled about 250,000 heavy-duty pickups for the same problem.
Ford's F-150 Lightning Can Be Used To Power Lightless Houses

Ford Lightning Lights Up Their Lives By Powering Homes If Grid Goes Down

Picture this: an ice storm cuts power to millions, but owners of Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pickups have a way out, their trucks. Thanks to Ford ingenuity and the automaker's partners, F-150 customers can use their trucks to power their homes for up to 10 days with rationing or solar charging. It is a new feature.
Used Chevy Trucks Worth Buying and Keeping

Chevy Trucks to Buy and Not Buy Explained by a Chevrolet Mechanic

Thinking about buying a used Chevy truck, but not sure which model in what eras are the keepers worth investing in? Here’s the latest from an experienced Chevrolet truck owner and mechanic who offers this guide about Chevy truck specifics and which you should and should not buy…and why.
Dealers Reassure Ford They Aren't Charging Huge Up Fees For Lightnings

Most Dealers Reassure Ford That They Are Not Slapping Huge Up Fees On Lightnings

Ford dealers reassured the manufacturer that they are charging only the MSRP on Lightnings. The reassurance was needed following reports last week, as detailed earlier by other Torque News stories, that there were dealers taking advantage of the limited supply of the sought-after electric pickups. Reports circulated that there were up fees of $30,000 but most averaged only $5,000.
Ford Maverick Wins Important Industry Awards

NACTOY Awards Just A Part Of Ford Maverick And Bronco 2022 Story

For the second time in the last two years, Ford has won two major NACTOY awards. NACTOY stands for the North American Car/Truck of the Year Awards. It is a program that began months ago as the first vehicles were vetted for the program. As the months have gone on, a jury of 50 automotive veterans have put and pushed each vehicle through its paces to find the winners.
2022 Ford Maverick Has Seatbelt Problem

Ford Recalls Transit Vans To Repair Rear Driveshaft Problem; 2022 Maverick, Mustang Mach-E Rear Seatbelt Issues

Ford has had a number of recalls recently. They continue with fixes for rear driveshaft problems for Ford Transit vans and for problems with rear seatbelt assemblies in Maverick compact pickups and Mustang Mach-Es.
Dealers Reportedly HItting Lightnings With Huge Up-Charges

Dealers Reportedly Slapping Big Markups On New Ford Lightning EV Pickups

Even as Ford is promising to ramp up production of the highly sought-after Ford Lightning EV pickup, dealers are reportedly slapping major up-charges on the new pickups. Indeed, there is a report of one dealer hitting potential buyers with a fee of $30,000 if they want to be among the first to receive one of the electric trucks.