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2022 Ford Ranger -- Ranger Raptor Headed Here in 2023

Ford Ranger Raptor To Become Part Of U.S. Fleet In 2023

For a long time, Ford car and truck owners have looked wistfully at other parts of the world as various models that were not offered here were on sale there. Take the Ford Ranger Raptor, though it debuted in February in Europe and it seemed to have the sign "Europe-only" plastered firmly on the windshield, the automaker has acknowledged the it will become part of the automaker's lineup in 2023.
Ford's Newly Introduced F-150 Rattler, an entry-level off-roader

Ford Unveils Rattler, Aimed At Entry-Level Off-Roading Crowd

Ford has a lot going on, right now. Indeed, the offerings can look downright schizophrenic when you take a long look. For example, it has a slew of electric offerings and plans to go all-electric later in the decade. Now, though the automaker is offering both its electrics and internal-combustion versions like its new, entry-level off-roader, the Rattler.
Diagnosing a Ford F-150 Without a Scan Tool

Old School Diagnosing a 1990 Ford F-150

Here’s a middle-aged truck bought by a teenager on a tight budget, and it’s not running like it should---is it junk, or can it be diagnosed the old school way? Find out now with an informative video that shows a little bit at how engine diagnosis is done without firing away with the parts cannon or using a scan tool in order to target the problem.
Ford F-150 Lightning Undergoes Tough Testsing

Ford Engineers Test Lightnings In Tough Situations To Make Sure Everything Is Okay

There is something to be said for testing, especially electric vehicles. The conventional thinking has always been that battery-powered EVs would have serious weather problems as extreme cold and heat sap battery strength. That's why Ford's engineers put their electric pickup Lightning through a number for grueling tests.
Ford Expands Driveshaft Recall to Cover Heavy-Duty Pickups

Ford Expands Pickup Driveshaft Recall To Heavy-Duty Trucks

In the second driveshaft recall in the last three months, Ford has expanded its driveshaft recall to cover heavy-duty pickups (F-250/F-350). In December, the automaker recalled 185,000 F-150 pickups because of potential driveshaft failures. Now, it has recalled about 250,000 heavy-duty pickups for the same problem.