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Porsche Taycan 2020

Porsche Taycan's Waitlist Should Avoid Tesla Model 3's Problems: Precautions and Expectations

EV customers and fans are holding their breaths almost as if EV fatigue is overwhelming us, while Autocar is reporting that Porsche AG is receiving interest from customers about the new production coded BEV Mission-E, now named the 2020 all electric Porsche Taycan utility sports saloon, that will compete with the Tesla flagship sports saloon, the Model S. But of course we’re all looking over our shoulder at, shall I write it? The debacle surrounding the Model 3.
Autonomous 1965 Ford Mustang

Autonomous 1965 Ford Mustang Nearly Crashes Several Times at Goodwood

A self-driving 1965 Ford Mustang took to the curvy course of the Goodwood Hill Climb yesterday to show off the advancements in autonomous technology, but the first run nearly ended in disaster, forcing a human to take control several times in order to keep the classic pony car on track.
2019 Dodge Durango GT

2019 Dodge Durango: Integrated Trailer Brake, Harman Kardon Sound, Sportier GT

Dodge pulled the wraps off of the 2019 Durango today and while there is no huge news for the new model year, there are a handful of changes that should draw in more buyers in the coming months – the best of which is the available 19-speak Harman Kardon sound system.