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Rivian Says Next Generation R2S & R2T Vehicles will Come Standard with Tesla Chargers (NACS)

Since Ford first announced it is adopting the North American Charging Standard on May 25, GM and a number of third-party EV charging networks have announced that they will be adopting Tesla's chargers. And, today Rivian has joined the NACS party and has declared that the EV maker's upcoming vehicles built on the R2 platform will come standard with Tesla chargers.


Tesla Gears Up for Cybertruck Launch With Cell Production Boom

The Tesla Austin team is still celebrating a production milestone in great style: it is about the vital 4680 cells, the special kind of batteries that will have to power almost its entire EV gamut in the very near future, including obviously the the Tesla Cybertruck.


Subaru Forester - One Area Consumer Reports Says The SUV Needs Improvement

The 2023 Subaru Forester makes Consumer Reports recommended models list. But they say there is one thing they hold against the compact SUV. Check out the report here.


Tesla’s Latest Advertisement Leaves Out Destination & Order Fees In Its Pricing

In its latest advertisement, Tesla includes the federal tax incentive in its pricing information but fails to mention the company's $1,390 Destination Fee and $250 Order Fee.


Subaru Says The First-Ever BRZ Manual With EyeSight Is Coming, WRX To Follow?

Subaru Corporation announced that the first-ever manual transmission vehicle with EyeSight safety technology would be the 2023 Subaru BRZ sport coupe. Subaru has now developed EyeSight compatibility with a 6-speed manual transmission. The Subaru WRX should be following. Get the details here.