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Subaru’s Share Of U.S.-Made Models Exceeds Toyota, GM, And Nissan - It Could Go Higher

Which automaker builds the most U.S. cars? See why Subaru now stands at number five in U.S.-built vehicles. And the percentage could go higher after this year. 


Modi Summarizes His Meeting With Elon Musk With an Accent on Spirituality

Hours ago Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi tweeted a summary of this meeting with Tesla's CEO Elon Musk with a welcome message on spirituality, pointing to beyond carmaking and economy.


iSeeCars Says Subaru Outback, Forester Are The Best SUVs Under $30K In 2 Categories

What are the best SUVs under $30,000? What are the safest SUVs under $30,000? iSeeCars says the 2023 Subaru Outback and 2023 Subaru Forester rank the best in both categories.


5 Things Every New Subaru Owner Should Know Before You Get It Dirty

Here are five things new Subaru Forester, Crosstrek, Outback, and other model owners need to know before you take your vehicle out and have fun. They may seem simple, but you'll be glad to know them.


Thanks To Supply Chain Issues Ford And Other Makers Had Huge Theft Problems

The other day Torque News offered you the audio version of the story of stolen Ford (and other) trucks and how a theft ring made off with nearly $1 million in trucks. The theft of untitled trucks could have left people holding the bag for nearly $70,000 per copy.


US Army's All-Electric Tank Plans on Hold: Battery Technology Falls Short of Battlefield Requirements

US Army's ambitious plan to deploy all-electric tanks hits a roadblock as battery technology struggles to deliver the power required. With no EVs currently on the battlefield, the Army seeks a 20-fold increase in battery charging capabilities. The quest for breakthroughs in the consumer and utility sectors is crucial for the military's vision. Find out the challenges and potential impact on reducing casualties and enhancing stealth capabilities.


LAPD Introduces New Tools to Combat Catalytic Converter Theft and Protect Vehicle Owners

In response to the alarming surge in catalytic converter theft, the LAPD has taken a proactive approach to protect vehicle owners. They work to curb this growing threat by leveraging advanced tools and strategies. In this article, we look at the collaborative efforts and innovative measures implemented by the LAPD to ensure the safety and security of the community's catalytic converters.


Congress Proposes Tesla Superchargers and Plugs as National Standard for Electric Vehicles Boosting EV Charging Infrastructure

Revolutionizing the electric vehicle landscape, Congress is pushing for Tesla Superchargers and Plugs to become the standardized charging infrastructure across the United States. This groundbreaking proposal aims to streamline the charging process for EV owners and pave the way for a robust nationwide network.