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Multiple Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted on the Highway on the Back of a Ford F-250 Truck Ahead of Deliveries

For the first time today, multiple Cybertrucks have been spotted together outside a Tesla facility. And, making this sighting even more special, the Cybertrucks were being hauled on the highway on the back of a Ford F-250 truck. Ford F series of trucks are expected to be the Cybertruck's main competition when the futuristic truck finally begins deliveries.


Pepsi Reveals Tesla Semi Operations Details With Real Mileage Numbers

Three days ago CNBC reporters visited Pepsi's Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, California, where it is using Tesla Semi's new electric trucks. CNBC wanted to see whether the Semis live up to the hype. Watching that report I learned a couple of very interesting details about Pepsi Tesla Semi operations and here I wanted to share with you.


The 12 Coolest Used Cars You Can Buy - Subaru WRX Is Cool But Not The Cheapest

What are the coolest and cheapest used cars you can buy now? Check out the twelve top models and where the Subaru WRX ranks with the best sporty picks. The cheapest and most expensive are only sometimes the best. Check the report before you buy.


Tesla Drops a Massive Bombshell Video About Neural Networks in FSD

<p>Tesla just dropped a massive bombshell, a rare video on its Tesla AI Twitter account showing how multi-modal neural networks work in its Full Self-Driving vehicles and the video is currently going viral on Twitter.</p>


"Our multi-modal neural networks are already in customer vehicles—these networks take in arbitrary modalities such as camera videos, maps, navigation, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), GPS etc.," said Tesla in an accompanying message to its video.

Choosing The Best 2024 Subaru Crosstrek Trim - Check Out The Walk Around First

Is the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek the best vehicle for urban living or for weekend warriors who will take the SUV off-road? Check out the walk-around before you give your answer.


Ford Recalls F-150 LIghtnings To Repair Rear Lightbar

Ford has recalled about 17,000 F-150 Lightning electric trucks to repair a problem with the rear lightbar. Microcracks in the outer lenses of the backup and brake lights can let moisture invade the fixture and can cause shorting, which, in turn, can cause the lights to flicker or die out.


eBay Motors Celebrates Tire Business Expansion With Free Installation Offer

Ahead of National Tire Safety Week, eBay Motors is announcing a large expansion of its tire installation business and a special offer worth hundreds of dollars. The goal of this expansion is to give shoppers a more convenient tire-buying experience.


Consumer Outrage: Electric Vehicle Users Demand Tesla Charger Retrofit as an Alternative to NACS

Electric vehicle consumers are frustrated with the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for future EVs. Tired of carrying adapters, they demand a retrofit to enable Tesla charger compatibility. This growing discontent reflects the desire for a unified charging infrastructure that simplifies the charging experience and enhances convenience for all-electric vehicle owners. Will their demands be heard?