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Mechanic Makes a Good Case for Buying a Used V6 Over a Used V8 Car

Looking to buy a used car and have not thought much about what it means buying a V6 over a V8? Here’s some sound advice from a mechanic reviewing the “cheapest fast car ever made” and why you are better off buying a used V6 over a used V8 model.


Beat Your Dealership by Negotiating a Great Used Car Deal This Summer

Old tactics and some new ones are being used by car dealers to make sure that you pay too much for that used car. Here’s the latest used car negotiation warning you need to know about before buying a used car this summer.


Avoid The Traps and Pitfalls of Reviving a Classic Car and Winding Up in Car Project Hell

Here’s some sage advice on how to stay out of Car Project Hell that many of us are guilty of winding up in at least one time or another in life all because of common mistakes made by the hopeful DIY car project mechanic.


The 10 Cheapest And Best SUVs - Why Next-Gen Subaru Crosstrek Is A Top Value Pick

Which ten SUVs are the cheapest and the best? KBB says the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek ranks the third best you can buy today. Subaru Forester is now the tenth best.


Forester Is The Only Subaru To Score High In J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

How does Subaru rank in initial vehicle quality compared with other automakers? Check out the new 2023 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study results and see which Subaru SUV now scores among the best three vehicles in its segment.