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Testing The Boundaries: The Tesla Cybertruck In Various Scenarios

Tesla's electric pick-up continues to burn stages in its current development, pre-production phase. The Cybertruck is currently in a series of cold weather tests in New Zealand with its already famous vinyl camouflage covering.


New Subaru Model Maintenance You Shouldn’t Do Yourself - Check This Report First

Are the Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, and other new all-wheel-drive models easy to maintain? Check the Subaru report before you do the maintenance yourself.


New Video Shows Drivers Running Tesla Semis "At Least Two Shifts" Near Giga Nevada

Twitter user Zanegler, who lives not far from where Tesla builds its Semi trucks at the Gigafactory Nevada, has shared some new breaking videos of the Tesla Semi trucks, driving in and out of Giga Nevada, and some of them are even fully loaded.


Revisiting Kia Sorento Plug-in Hybrid EV Range Test: Checking For Battery Degradation

This weekend I repeated a drive I did just over a year ago, mainly because I wanted to go for a hike, but also because I wanted to do a simple diagnostic test of my Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid (PHEV) battery to see if there might have been any noticeable degradation in its maximum range on a full charge. Note, I did not expect there to be any degradation, I was just checking for the sake of doing so while transporting myself to a hiking spot.


Why Electrifying Our Vehicles Is So Important

Accumulating carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere is a driving factor in global average temperature increases. There are well over 278 million personal and commercial vehicles in the US today. On average, each emits around 4.6 metric tons (tonnes) of CO2 annually. This means the US vehicle fleet emits at least 1.3 billion tonnes of CO2 every year and that doesn’t even include airplanes, trains, boats or small gas powered engines (lawn mowers etc).


Meet The New Subaru Brat Wilderness Pickup - You Can Only Look And Not Touch

Would you buy a compact 2024 Subaru Brat Wilderness if Subaru of America offered it? Or would a midsize four-door Subaru Baja Wilderness be a better choice? You make the pick.


The 10 Cheapest And Best SUVs - Why Subaru Forester Is Now The Only Compact SUV

Which ten SUVs are the cheapest and the best? KBB says the Subaru Forester is now the tenth best. The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek ranks the third best you can buy today.